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Indian Academy of Highway Engineers (formerly NITHE) The Academy is the Premium National Training Institute for sharing of knowledge and pooling of experience on the entire range of subjects dealing with the construction and maintenance of roads; bridges; tunnels and road transportation including technology, equipment, research, planning, finance, taxation, organization and all connected policy issues. In more specific terms, the objectives of the Academy are:

To impart training to professionals of Highway Sector at entry level and during service at different levels of Central & State Govts., Public and Private sectors.

To help highway sector engineers build up character and develop an all-round personality as a part of Human Resource Development.

To assist various organizations in developing their training institutes and training of their faculty.

To promote co-operation and foster exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience in all the sphere of highway engineering among engineers in India and Abroad.

Imparts training to Highway Professionals from various Afro-Asian countries, Countries under SAARC, Technical Cooperation Scheme (TCS) Colombo Plan, India Africa Forum Summit (IAFS), India Technical & Economic Cooperation (ITEC), ASEAN-India Fund (AIF).


Training Calendars 2024-2025

Course fee and Other Expenses for attending Training Programs in the Annual Training
        Calendar of IAHE

Office order for Compensatory leave

Withdrawal of 'NON-PERFORMER' status of M/s Enkay Enterprises

Guidelines for claiming travelling Allowance for attending Training Programs in the Annual
        Training Calender of IAHE

List of qualified participants of Mandatory Training Programme on Preparation of Detailed
        Project Report (DPR) for Highway Projects for the Personnel of Consultants(Batch-I,II,III&IV)

Debarment of Shri Mani S. from the training programmes of IAHE for a period of two years

Non-deduction of TDS on GST on the payment to be released to IAHE as per the proviso
        specified under clauses (a), (b), (c) and (d) of sub-section (1) of section 51 of the GST
        Act/State Act.

Virtual Ceremony for Signing of Agreement between IAHE (India) and UNSW (Australia)
        on 15th July 2021

Message of Hon'ble Minister on Vigilance Awareness Week

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