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Detailed Schedule of Calendar Training Programmes 2023-2024

1. Modern Topographic Surveying Methods

2. Road Safety Engineering & Auditing

3. Geometrics Design of Highways using CAD Tools

4. Design, Construction & Maintenance of Flexible Pavement

5. Design, Construction & Maintenance of Rigid Pavement

6. Design of Box Culverts, RCC Voided Slab, RCC Slab, T-beam Girder Bridge on Open Foundation

7. Design of PSC (Cast in Situ, Pre Cast Girder with cast in situ slab)Super Structure Bridge on Pile/Well Foundation

8. Preparation of Feasibility Study and Detailed Project Report for Highway Projects including Bridges

9. Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contract for Highways

10. Public Private Partnership (PPP) Contracts for Highway Projects

11. Pre-Construction Activities for Highway Projects

12. Highway Development and Maintenance Investment Decision

13. Construction, Quality Control and Maintenance of Structures

14. Planning, Design, Construction and Maintenance of Hill Roads

15. Refresher Course for EEs

16. Refresher Course for SEs

17. Management Development Programme for Mid-level Officers (EE & SE)

18. Management Development Programme for Senior Officers (CE & E-in-C)

19. Asset Management for Highways

20. Contract Management and Dispute Resolution in Highway Projects

21. Design & Construction of High Embankments with Free Slope/RE wall/Retaining Wall, Ground Treatment of Soft Soil

22. Surface & Subsurface Drainage Management

23. Intelligent Transportation System Applications for Highways

24. Operation, Maintenance & Tolling of Highways

25. Material Testing Procedure & Hands on Practices

26. Use of Waste Materials in Highway Construction

27. Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operation of Tunnels

28. Slope Management in Hill Roads & Landslide Mitigation

29. Control of National Highways (Land & Traffic)

30. Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operation of Expressway

31. Project Management

32. Good Construction Practices

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